If we see a path to progress, we take it.

Change is inevitable. When the economic turmoil of ’08 hit, it became obvious we had to do the work to reinvent our business, to not only to survive, but to thrive. We learned not only to shift when necessary but to look forever forward and to cut a path to new and better things. We work to create compelling change for our clients, their customers, our employees and our business. Change that stirs people and makes them want to become a part of it. And when they do, they enjoy a whole new way of being.

What Sets Us Apart

We’re home to 3,500 talented people working across 46 disciplines, yet we continuously tap into the breadth of WPP’s talent, ideas and tools.

We believe

Marketing as a Service.

Sets us apart 1

The internet has fundamentally altered the dynamics of customer loyalty. It’s no longer about customers being loyal to brands. In a hyper-competitive environment, brands must now demonstrate their loyalty to customers. How? By serving them better.


We believe

Digital First

Sets us apart 2

Given the proliferation of personal interactive technology, is anything truly “offline?” That’s why digital is our new normal. Our teams working in social, mobile, online and technology are fully integrated throughout the agency, allowing for a more dynamic marketing model.


We believe

Content Studio

Sets us apart 3

Consumers today are CEOs of personal broadcast empires, creating and sharing content for their own audience across many social networks. Team Detroit’s Content Studio helps brands join the real time conversation by behaving less like an ad agency and more like a digital newsroom. The topical content and experiences we create are guided by advanced social listening tools.


We believe


Sets us apart 4

We embrace design as a strategic solution, not simply as an aesthetic. Design helps us solve problems differently, enables all stakeholders to be better guardians of the brand, and creates more immersive storytelling. That’s because design conveys meaning (and meaning trumps information)


We believe


Sets us apart 5

Brands, like people, are defined by what they do –not just by what they say. Every customer interaction shapes the brand. We create events, retail environments, packaging, mobile apps, and web design to turn brand perceptions into deeply held beliefs


We believe


Sets us apart 6

Without data and analytics, most marketing is simply white noise. We use metrics to inspire a culture of curiosity, learning and improvement. We’re adept at working within Big Data to extract meaning, giving us deeper customer insights that inspire more personally relevant and targeted brand engagements


We believe


Sets us apart 7

We’re based in Detroit. We scale from local to global, with offices in New York, San Francisco, London, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and 30 other cities. We are 1,500 people strong, adept at managing complex, global challenges. We can also be 15 people strong, equally effective when working on smaller assignments facing big challenges

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