If it’s interesting, we’re interested.

We cultivate a culture of what’s next.

You Call This Work?

People here aren’t always thinking about their jobs. But they are most-likely doing their work. Work that doesn’t feel like work, because it involves knowing what’s happening -- the latest in technology, or music or fashion … or things not yet discovered. If there is something going on, we like to be in the thick of it—so much so that we invite new experiences to come right through our doors.

team detroit

In the ad biz, we wear many hats. Today's look: Food Taster. Thanks @EasternMarket & Detroit Kitchen Connect! http://t.co/NcjKlOgH3T
National Employee Spirit month is going strong today w/ our #MarchMadness watch-party. #adperks #adlife http://t.co/c1kMdIZ81W
It's a @macshackmi attack at #TeamDetroit. Get it while it's hot! http://t.co/Oxz2cmhVD0
Music Expression is a Work Obsession
With every other Summer Friday off, to Stereo 550 concerts featuring top touring musicians, you could say there’s some perks to this place. See some of the bands we’ve met below.
Stereo 550
Jamaican Queens
Escape the Fate
Tegan and Sara
We've got openings. Interested?