College for Creative Studies

College for Creative Studies


The Challenge

How do you increase enrollment for a creative college? Creatively, of course.

Our client, the College for Creative Studies, came to us with a vexing problem: how could we help them increase their annual enrollment rate? For all of us creative types, it was an easy look in the mirror to know what the target audience wanted to hear. And that was, “Hey, dudes, you don’t need to enter AA (Artists Anonymous) and you don’t need to keep your creativity in a hobby section in your basement. There’s a school where you can harness your creative juices, and have a fulfilling career!”

We know it worked because the campaign spread across social media sites, generating well over 2 million online hits, including 1 million Facebook shares. It was even featured on popular websites like Buzzfeed and The Huffington Post. Well, that and students from across the globe started to enroll, and attendance at the information session increased by 15.5 percent. The end result: more dreamers, more weirdos and more out-of-the-box thinkers started their creative future at CCS.

Increased student Information session attendance
College For Creative Studies